TANF Offices in Detroit MI

Apply for TANF at a welfare office in Detroit Michigan. If you live in or near this city, then we provided a list of Detroit TANF offices in Michigan below. Select one near you to get the TANF phone number, office hours and location. If you have questions or issues about applying for the TANF program, the staff there can assist you.

If you plan to apply, you can request a copy of the application form at any of the Michigan welfare offices, or if you already have a copy, you can submit it to the office in-person, by mail or call to see if they will allow you to fax in your application.

Searching for a TANF office nearby

If you do not see a TANF office in Detroit Michigan that is near you, then we recommend using our search page to find a welfare office close to your location. You can enter your address and it will search for any Michigan TANF offices nearby.

Or if you prefer, you can call the department that handles TANF benefits, the Department of Human Services, and see if they can help you find a location that works for you. To view their contact information, TANF MI.

When you do find a welfare office to apply at, make sure you call them to verify what information you need to have with your application. This will ensure you have all the proper documentation, which will help speed up the application process. If you need help getting any of the information requested, ask the staff at the welfare office and they may be able to help you.

  • A
Alcona MDHHS Office

3040 West Grand Blvd 3-150
Detroit, MI 48740

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  • O
Oakman Adult Services

3040 W. Grand Blvd. Suite L-450
Detroit, MI 48202

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  • W
Wayne Conner Service Center

4733 Conner
Detroit, MI 48215

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Wayne Grand River/Warren

5131 Grand River
Detroit, MI 48208

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Wayne Grandmont Service Center

17455 Grand River Ave
Detroit, MI 48227

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Wayne Gratiot Seven Mile

14061 Lappin
Detroit, MI 48205

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Wayne Greenfield Joy

8655 Greenfield
Detroit, MI 48228

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Wayne MDHHS Office

3040 W Grand Blvd Suite 5-600
Detroit, MI 48202

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Wayne Pathways to Potential

3040 W Grand Blvd. Suite 6-350
Detroit, MI 48202

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Wayne South Central CFS

1801 E. Canfield Suite 5-600
Detroit, MI 48207

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Wayne Southwest Service Center

2524 Clark Street
Detroit, MI 48209

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Wayne The Adult Medical Services

3040 W. Grand Blvd 4-250
Detroit, MI 48202

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