Apply For Connecticut TANF

This page provides the Connecticut TANF eligibility requirements. Applicants must meet both state and federal guidelines for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. Individuals who apply for TANF must meet the monetary and non-monetary state guidelines, complete work-related activities, provide paternity information about the children in the household and report as required by the state.

Connecticut residents who qualify for welfare are required to furnish information such as citizenship, income, resources, and age. Only household members who are eligible can receive Connecticut welfare benefits. Read on for more information about applying for TANF. If you have additional questions or issues about this program, then contact TANF Connecticut.

How do I know if I'm eligible for the TANF program?

Pre-Screening will only tell if you may qualify for one of our programs. Once you have completed Pre-Screening and learned what benefits may be available to you, you can send a completed, signed application to your nearest DSS office and we will contact you about your application. To find the nearest DSS office click here. To use the pre-screening tool, click here. You can start your online application by going to

How can I get a paper application?

You can download a copy of a paper application at the DSS website under the Forms link or call the DSS Benefits Center at 855-6-ConneCT (855-626-6632) to have one mailed to you.

Is there another way to apply if I don't want to apply online?

Yes. For HUSKY A and B you can apply by calling 877-CT-HUSKY (877-284-8759) or by mail or you can visit the office nearest to your home.

How do I send in proofs or other documents if I apply online?

Upload: You can upload or mail in proofs. If you upload proofs, DSS will receive your documents electronically.

Mail: If you mail proofs or documents make sure that you include a cover sheet with your proofs or documents. You can download a cove sheet by going into MyAccount then selecting the mail link.

After I apply, how will I know if my benefits are approved?

You will receive a notice in the mail informing you of our decision on your application.

How long does it take to process my application?

We are required to make a determination of eligibility within certain time limits. If you are applying for a money payment or for medical assistance under a Public Assistance program, we must decide if you qualify and, if you are eligible, issue benefits within 45 days unless you are applying for a disability benefit. In that case we must decide and, if you are eligible, issue benefits within 90 days.

For Supplemental Nutrition Assistance applications, we must decide if you qualify and, if you are eligible, provide you with benefits within 30 days. If your situation is such that you have no, or almost no, income or assets, we are required to decide if you qualify and provide you with expedited service Supplemental Nutrition Assistance benefits within seven days. You may also qualify for EXPEDITED SERVICE Supplemental Nutrition Assistance benefits if your monthly shelter expenses are more than your gross income and assets, or you are a destitute migrant or seasonal farm worker.

For State-Administered General Assistance (SAGA) applications, we must decide if you qualify and, if you are eligible, issue cash benefits within 10 days and medical benefits within 45 days. If you qualify for emergency food or medical assistance, we must issue benefits within 4 days.

How will I get my benefits if I am approved?

You will receive an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card in the mail.

Do I have to be a citizen to get help?

DSS cash, food and medical programs are for both U.S. citizens and qualified non-citizens. Medical help may also be available for some people who do not meet the definition of qualified non-citizen, but who do meet certain other conditions such as being hospitalized, pregnant, a minor, or a victim of a serious crime.

Can someone else fill out the application form for me?

Yes. The person needs to give us information to tell us what their relationship is to you.

Connecticut Employment Search

Part of the requirement, while on the TANF program, is finding a job to help sustain your financial needs. Connecticut provides an online job site for you to search for employment. You can view the job site by clicking here.

Apply Online For Connecticut TANF

If you have questions about applying for TANF benefits, or you want to see if you can apply for TANF Georgia online, then visit the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families website here.