Apply For South Carolina TANF

This page provides the South Carolina TANF eligibility requirements. Applicants must meet both state and federal guidelines for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. Individuals who apply for TANF must meet the monetary and non-monetary state guidelines, complete work-related activities, provide paternity information about the children in the household and report as required by the state.

South Carolina residents who qualify for welfare are required to furnish information such as citizenship, income, resources, and age. Only household members who are eligible can receive South Carolina welfare benefits. Read on for more information about applying for TANF. If you have additional questions or issues about this program, then contact TANF South Carolina.

The Family Independence Program (TANF)

Family Independence (FI) is a time-limited program that assists families with dependent children when families cannot provide for their basic needs.

What is the purpose of this program?

The primary focus of the program is to assist low income families meet basic needs by providing cash assistance, supportive services and training and employment opportunities. The FI Program is designed to serve both single-parent and two-parent families, as well as households with disabled adults. In many instances, these families would be eligible for SNAP benefits and Medicaid.

Who can receive these services?

Low income families with dependent children may be eligible for these services. Families must be residents of South Carolina and willing to participate in the Family Independence Work Program. Applicants must assist in pursuing child support from parents absent from the household.

How do I apply For TANF?

Click here to apply online, or complete, sign and return an application to the local Department of Social Services in the county of residence. Applications can be obtained through any county Department of Social Services office.

How are the services provided?

After eligibility determination, a case manager works with the family to develop a plan to achieve self-sufficiency within 24 months. This involves evaluating the family through interviews, assessments and screening tools.

What services are offered?

What is the ePAY card?

The SC ePAY Debit Card is used to access monies deposited into an ePAY account by DSS. Benefits are deposited monthly into a debit account for eligible recipients. It can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted, including online and for bill payments. It can also be used for cash withdrawals at MasterCard Member Banks or Credit Union teller windows and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). ePAY accounts are governed by the FDIC banking regulations.

Where can I use the ePAY card?

The card can be used anywhere you see the MasterCard logo with the exception of:

Using your ePAY card at any of the above locations is subject to South Carolina penalties. This includes Automated Teller Machine (ATM) withdrawals and Point-of-Sale (POS) purchase transactions.

South Carolina Employment Search

Part of the requirement, while on the TANF program, is finding a job to help sustain your financial needs. South Carolina provides an online job site for you to search for employment. You can view the job site by clicking here.

Apply Online For South Carolina TANF

If you have questions about applying for TANF benefits, or you want to see if you can apply for TANF Georgia online, then visit the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families website here.