Onslow County DSS NC 28541

This North Carolina TANF office, Onslow County DSS, is located in Jacksonville. We provide the TANF phone number, office hours and location for this Jacksonville welfare office on this page. If you are looking to apply for North Carolina TANF benefits, then you should contact this TANF office location to see what you need to provide to get the application process started.

Make sure when you talk to the staff at Onslow County DSS, you verify what information you need to submit along with your TANF application. Make sure you bring all the documentation they require, otherwise this could delay the review process.

In most cases, an interview will be required so they can verify your information including income, household situation, residency, assets, resources etc. If you cannot apply in-person or cannot attend the interview face to face, then they may be able to allow you to mail or fax your TANF application and do an interview over the phone.

Applying for North Carolina TANF

You will need to get an application form to fill out and submit to this NC welfare office. In some states you can apply for TNF online. To find out your options, contact this location. They may also have a online pre-screening tool to see if you are eligible for the North Carolina TANF program.

But the only sure way to see if you qualify for TANF is to apply. To view more details about applying in this state, view the how to apply for NC TANF benefits page. You can find out not only how much cash assistance you can receive, but also any TANF work requirements and the time limit (how long you can receive benefits). It also should have a link to download a copy of the application so you can apply.

  • TANF Office Location

    Onslow County DSS
    1915 Onslow Drive Extension PO Box 1379
    Jacksonville, NC 28541

  • TANF Phone Number

    You can also fax them at 910 219-4983.

  • TANF Program

    The name of this state TANF program is North Carolina Work First. The department that administrates it is the Department of Social Services.

Map of Onslow County DSS