Illinois TANF

This page provides information about the TANF Illinois program. If you need to apply for TANF, or get the status of your application, then contact the Illinois Department of Human Services listed below. They can assist you with questions or issues about the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. To find out how to apply, Illinois TANF eligibility requirements. You can view their site online at

The primary goal for TANF in Illinois is to provide families in need with a combination of financial assistance and work opportunities so that they can eventually become independent. The monthly cash payments TANF provides are there to help families pay for things like food, utilities, clothing, phone, housing, furniture, transportation, laundry, supplies for the home and some medical supplies that are not paid for by Medicaid along with other basic needs. You can contact the Department of Human Services below to find out more information about what the program has to offer.

  • TANF Program Location

    Illinois Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
    100 South Grand Avenue East 3rd Floor
    Springfield, IL 62762

  • TANF Phone Number

    The phone number to call the Illinois TANF program is 217-785-3300 or 217-557-1601.

  • TANF Online

    To view the website for Illinois TANF online, click here.

Illinois Department of Human Services Location